If you're going to hell, you might as well find something to read on the way down.

15 going on 50.
90% Death Note.
10% impulse.

Feel free to engage me in conversation. I'm quite amicable, and I've been told I'm a wonderful listener.

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative"

Oscar Wilde

To Define is to Limit

In honor of reaching 400 followers, I’ve opted to create a follow forever. Below are 25 incredible writers, artists, and kindred spirits who I believe have positively influenced my blog and life.  I apologize if I’ve forgotten anyone. Most likely I either haven’t been following you for very long, or I’m a scatterbrained simpleton and I did it by accident.

 Blogs I Frequently Enage With 

smelltheashesandtastethesmoke, comingfrommylair, & subliminal-parapraxis

I cannot fully stress how important each and every one of you is. You’ve made my Tumblr more of a home than my own ever was, and I’m grateful you put up with me (heaven knows why).

 Blogs I Admire from Afar 

albastiaskdeneuve, deathnotingdigital-ginger-mdouchematt j33v4smssrlawliet, nasuteoldworldsrunnerupnatethebrat, thedeathnotebook, & yagami-raito-kun.

You are all extraordinary, inspiring, gifted individuals, and I’m really hoping that none of you see this post. *sweats*

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