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90% Death Note.
10% impulse.

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"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative"

Oscar Wilde

To Define is to Limit


AU where light isn’t an asshole

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Mello’s ass is my favorite Disney princess.
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The other sample when i was doing commission at the con. One like this (A4 size) is like $4… _(:3 」∠)_

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why do people say they miss you when they won’t even make an effort to reply or talk to you first, why do people have to be so confusing and contradict themselves, it literally kills me

Okay so I don’t normally comment on things like this, but I’m going to make an exception because, as a person with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, I miss people, but it is physically impossible for me to contact them first. I just can’t. This doesn’t mean I’m ‘contradicting myself,’ or ‘not making an effort,’ it means I’m fucking scared. And, uh, it didn’t literally kill you. That would imply that you’re dead.




The evolution of Light Yagami.

Anonymous said:
can i ask how you downloaded dmmd on mac i need help

Ah uh sorry anon I thought I’d succeeded but it kept crashing so I eventually deleted it. If anyone has any ideas/methods do share.



Death Note AU where Kira suddenly disappears with no explanation

on a completely unrelated note the Yagami house experiences a small house fire which originated in Light’s room on that same day



Faustian au where japan’s brightest scholar Light gets bored, so he makes a pact with the devil Ryuk, who takes the form of a peculiarly stitched man with black lips and blacker wings. 

For fourty-four years, the two saunter around the world. They drink apfelwein while flying above the Berlin Wall. They corrupt newly vowed nuns and priests in Turkish public baths. They, well, mostly Light, astounds academics in British universities. They cause the rise of paper currency in several African countries and the fall of the Holy Roman Empire.

Somewhere in between, he meets a girl. She loves him, and he should love her. Awful things happen, ending with her tied and blindfolded in a jail cell, screaming for him to leave her. So he does, with Ryuk cackling about her fate behind him. Maybe Ryuk says she’s saved, maybe he says she’s snared; either way, the years that follow go by without a single thought of her, except at the very end, when he’s lying in a puddle in a Kyoto garden, surrounded by blue roses and Ryuk leering at his side, thanking him for the good time they had.

(And maybe Light laughs a bit, because he’s starting to hear voices from heaven telling him to get fucked, voices he knows aren’t real because all humans go to the Eternal Empty eventually.)

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